Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Apple Harvesting in Illinois

Apple Ripeness Schedule: Northern Illinois

The autumn apple season is just around the corner, and that means strudel and cider donuts. I just received the apple “ripeness” schedule from a local orchard in Illinois. The granny smith is the family favorite for baking. Unfortunately this particular crop is not expected to be ready until November…….rats!

Prima – Early Sept.
McIntosh – Early Sept.
Cameo- Early Sept.
Ozark Gold – Early Sept.
Gala – Mid Sept.
Jonamac- Mid Sept.
Honey Crisp – Mid Sept.
Cortland – Mid Sept.
Jonathon – Mid September
Fuji – Mid September
Empire – Mid September
Golden Delicious – Late September
Golden Supreme – Late September
Spartan – Early October
Shizuka – Early October
Goldrush – Early October
Mutsu – Middle October
Blushing Golden – Middle October
Rome – Middle October
Ida Red – Middle October
Red Delicious – Middle October
Breaburn – Middle October
Granny Smith – Early November

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Lydia Knox said...

Hey there, do you have a recipe for Czech Cabbage. :) I really want to make it!