Sunday, April 13, 2008

Long time since my last post

Sorry to be away for quite some time. I am in the midst of changing job locations, and making up huge piles of work that accumulated while I was away on spring vacation with the family. The czech cooking recipes shall be up and running again soon. We are still in the process of completing our kitchen makeover. To date we have:

1. Installed kitchen floor
2. resurfaced and painted original kitchen cabinets.
3. Replaced kitchen cabinet hardware.
4. Installed wainscotting on two walls
5. Installed new service door leading to garage.

Much needs to be done which makes cooking, especially ethnic cooking and baking to be a tremendous challenge. I will post some pics once I feel the kitchen is somewhat "presentable"!

I have a few recipes I am anxious to prepare such as Beef Stroganoff, Beef Rouladen, and Grandma's Apple Strudel to name a few.


Miz K said...

Hello - Google led me to your blog! I was in Prague earlier this year and my husband fell in love with a dish the restaurant we ate at called "Old Czech Pan" - it seemed to be beef and gnocchi-like dumplings in a medium-thick gravy with cabbage and was served in a metal pan with a small candle or burner under it... I have no idea what the 'real' name of this dish would be and I'm trying to find a recipe so I can give it a go. Any ideas?

Hope the kitchen is going well - you have a very nice blog!

4Czech said...

Interesting dish. I have not heard of it. I have searched my grandmothers several "cabbage" recipes and did not find that one. I hope you had a great time in Prague. My siblings and I are looking to send my parents there in a few years for their 50th anniversary. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Miz K said...

Thanks for checking - kitchen is looking very nice!