Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Weekend Flew Right By

It has been a little while since I posted anything. My czech recipes......and most cooking for that matter has been put on hold due to the kitchen being under construction. My kitchen is very dated and finally is going through some rehab work. Few things being changed or updated:

1. Replaced old dirty terra cotta floor tiles and gray grout.
2. Replace ugly orange ceramic wall tiles behind counter with wainscotting.
3. Replace ugly orange ceramic wall tile behind stovetop with tin or metallic decorative tiles.
4. Sand and paint existing kitchen cabinets and drawers and replace hardware.

For the past two weekends the Mrs and I have maintained sanity while removing the entire kitchen floor (and tons of dust to go with it). We opted for the "peel and stick" congoleum checkboard theme. So far so good. We installed the final tiles today and will begin step number 2 next week. I will try to find some time next Sunday to prepare a czech dish of sorts. This blog needs some fresh material. Hopefully that ground hog didn't see his or her shadow in your neighborhood. ...........Have a good week.

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