Monday, December 31, 2007

Flour Power Weekend

Happy New Year's Eve. I didn't get around to creating any czech recipes this weekend. On Saturday, I did manage to make a pretty decent white bread to go with soup for my two kids that are sick with colds. The recipe was pulled out of the The New Basics Cookbook (pg 614). The recipes calls for eggs and cayenne flakes which give the bread a red and yellow color scheme throughout. I omitted both of these ingredients from the recipe because my kids are not big fans of spicy food. (I omitted the egg because I wanted to create a lighter white bread). The recipe is a keeper and I would next time prepare the recipe as shown with the cayenne for a little kick (especially if you want to serve it with chili). The recipes was straight up old fashioned bread making with no bread machine used. I also baked the bread on a pizza stone versus using a bread loaf pan. The pizza stone does a pretty good job of radiating heat and producing a satisfying crust.

Saturday night I continued my bread baking addiction and prepared a banana bread for a Sunday breakfast. Recipe was gathered out of a Better Homes and Garden cookbook, ( a hand-me-down from my late Grandmother). Can you tell I was on a bread kick? Breads are so addictive in the winter. Might as well consume lots of it before making the annual new years pledge to exercise, right?

Bread and soup season is upon us. I didn't get around to making any Bohemian fare this weekend, but will have more recipes on here in January.

Happy New Year!

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